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Most Natural Permanent Makeup in Los Angeles Area and Beyond!

Suppose you can wake up in the morning without the trouble of make up? Certified medical micropigmentation (CMM) expert, Ruth Swissa fuses the her artistic background with current medical practice to offer her signature natural-looking permanent makeup and the latest skincare treatments. She is a third-generation medical aesthetician who specializes in medical tattoo, and is recommended by many doctors for patients recovering from surgery or accidents. Swissa approaches each client with the sensitivity of an artist, pulling from eight years of fine arts studies, and precision of a medic, working closely with the finest plastic surgeons locally and abroad.

Permanent cosmetics is heralded as one of the finest aesthetic conventions, that is, if it is done correctly. At Ruth Swissa, we ensure the most quality equipment, proper training of our staff, safeguard of personal information, and most explicitly, we assure a subtle, yet noticeable permanent enhancement. Swissa believes that permanent makeup should be merely a complement to preexisting beauty of her patients. Using organic pigments derived from fruit and vegetable dye, Swissa uses methods such as the hair-stroke technique, hand held applicator, and the microblading method to achieve a seamless, fine look.

Permanent Makeup Provided at Ruth Swissa Los Angeles

Offering procedures ranging from corrective permanent makeup (full lip, eyeliner enhancement, eyebrow tattoo treatment, hair replication micropigmentation), medical tattooing (scar camouflage, areola pigmentation), along with a full list of skin services.

Free Finance For Permanent Makeup in Los Angeles

At Ruth Swissa, we offer free financing in order to have insurance cover permanent makeup procedures in Los Angeles, but that being said, Swissa donates her time and permanent makeup expertise to breast cancer survivors and burn victim clientele. Patients recovering from breast cancer have found that her methods of areola pigmentation are high in effectiveness and act as a less invasive alternative to painful skin grafting and nipple reconstruction procedures. Be it as it may, she has also developed a completely non-invasive alternative, the temporary areola tattoo. Press here for more information about the temporary areola tattoo.

Scar Camouflage

Swissa’s medical micropigmentation is popularized within the medical sphere for its ability to help those needing scar camouflage or those recuperating from burns and various discolorations. Ruth’s masterful touch and compassionate attitude demonstrates that each treatment is cautiously attuned to the individual’s needs.

Skin Services

Our comprehensive menu of skin services catalogues our effective, ever-updated treatments that promise the appearance of healthy, youthful skin. The gentle and careful approach of our staff is just as important as the personalization of our treatments. It is of upmost importance that each skin service is tailored exactly to the skin type of our clients. Nothing is ever formulaic, one size does not fit all when it comes to skincare. If the list of services seems overwhelmed with options, never fear! Feel free to contact us or schedule a consultation to  have Ruth Swissa help select the right program and products for your skin condition and desired outcome. Know that you are in reliable hands at Ruth Swissa’s medical spa in Los Angeles, notable for its high standards and skill of technicians and aestheticians, and most importantly, that all our skin treatments are FDA approved (permanent makeup Los Angeles granted FDA approval as well). Experience our newest skincare options here.

Celebrity Choice

Because of our emphasis on confidentiality and compliance with the strict rules of HIPAA, Ruth Swissa is nominated as the leading specialist by celebrity clients. Her natural application makes the permanent makeup procedure unrecognizable, but the aesthetic enhancement very distinct. Offering the latest and greatest treatments (often times before they are in the market) only makes Swissa #1 celebrity choice to our extensive celebrity clientele, not to mention #1 natural permanent makeup Los Angeles.

Learn More About Our Services at Ruth Swissa:

Permanent Eyebrows Using the successful hair stroke method along with a hand help applicator allows Swissa to achieve a natural looking permanent makeup eyebrow that will enhance the appearance of the face entirely.

Permanent Eyeliner The eyeliner permanent makeup procedure is synonymous with an eyelash enhancement. By depositing small ink droplets between the lash line, Swissa intensifies the darkness of the eyelash, creating that desirable eyeliner look.

Full Lip Attain a more dewy, sensual full lip appearance with permanent lipstick/lipstain. This procedure involves the proper selection of organic pigments which are then applied to the surface of the lips in their entirety, followed by strokes of definition to achieve the most natural looking fullness.

Scar Camouflage Depositing precisely selected pigments to overlay discolored skin, is a broad and general overview of Swissa’s scar camouflage procedure. This treatment demands serious expertise and artistic sensibility, something Ruth Swissa can ensure.

Areola Pigmentation This procedure involves the creation of 3d nipple-areola complex with the use of micro pigmentation technology. This treatment is highly desirable for those recovering breast cancer, claiming this is a non-invasive and painless alternative to procedures such as nipple reconstruction or skin-grafting.

Hair Micropigmentation The hair micropigmentation procedure (Cosmetic Hair Follicle Replication) imitates the appearance of hair follicles. Using technology similar to that of permanent makeup, hair micropigmentation creates the appearance of a full head of hair and beyond.

And a Full Line of Skin Services We offer skincare services by highly trained medical aestheticians, ensuring your safety temporary areola tattoo but also ensuring beautiful results. With procedures ranging from deep-cleaning facials all the way to microdermabrasion or chemical peels, Swissa always offers the most current state-of-the-art treatments. Take a look at our extensive catalogue of skin services or schedule your consultation with one of our experts. Swissa is voted the #1 medical spa for Skincare and Permanent Makeup in Los Angeles.

Ruth Swissa is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals