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Searching the internet for “Microblading” and “Permanent Eyebrows” yeilds a load of before and after pictures, celebrity recommendations, and competing permanent makeup locations. However, not once can an inquiring future patient preview what a microblading appointment would be like, step-by-step! Ruth Swissa ™ simulates a first-time microblading appointment, broken down into 7 simple steps:

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Following the spoken consultation and preference remarks, Ruth begins with the first step,

1. Measuring (Eyebrows are measured based off the patient’s bone structure and facial geometry. At Ruth Swissa, we believe in tailoring the arch and shape to complement the patient’s face — avoiding stencils and measurement decals)

2. Shape Analysis (Following initial eyebrow outline, the patient is shown the shape for preference and final decision)

3. Color Matching (At Ruth Swissa we use only 100% organic pigments. The three 3 hues closest to the natural brow color are marked to assist the patient’s decision)

4. Microblading procedure (Hand held applicator is used to create microscopic cuts, microstrokes, in order to simulate the appearance of eyebrow hair)

5. Resting Absorption (Heavy coat of pigment is applied over the microbladed strokes for optimal pigment absorption into the epidermis)

6. Repeat Steps 4-5

7. Pigment wiped clean to reveal an intricately microbladed eyebrow