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Eyebrow Threading versus Waxing Threading.

Eyebrow Threading is a method of hair removal originating in the Middle East and dating back nearly 5000 years.

Threading utilizes a double strand of 100% cotton, twisted on itself multiple times. This twisting motion lassos each hair by the root and sweeps across the surface. This Removes many hairs at a time. This technique still remains a popular method of hair removal and is recommended over eyebrow waxing for the following reasons:

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  1. Sensitive Skin — Threading is the best method of hair removal for sensitive skin — this is because other techniques, such as waxing, remove a layer of skin. The removal of the skin’s upmost layer (epidermis), leaves the sensitive deeper layer (dermis) exposed and susceptible to sun damage. Threading is the least invasive technique of facial hair removal.
  2. No Chemicals — The only utensil required for this process is a strand of soft 100% cotton thread, unlike waxing which requires artificial products and oils which irritate the skin with every pull.
  3. Waxing can tug on, pull, stretch, and can peel off a layer of skin. Such harsh treatment can facilitate the development of wrinkles. With threading, there is none of that. You’ll simply look smooth, refreshed and hair-free.
  4. Accuracy — Threading has the unique capability of shaping the eyebrow with great precision. Unlike waxing, threading can target individual hairs (with the precision of tweezing) and remove them quickly and in abundance (like waxing).

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