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Yes, it’s a ritual girls (and boys) everywhere aren’t too excited about.  You’ve perfected most of your make-up routine, but what about that dreaded eyeliner? Here are a few ways to fix some of those pesky mistakes we know all too well.

1. Don’t be afraid of your lash line. To make the lash line look fuller, keep your lid closed and place the pencil as close to the lash line as you can. 

2. Switch up the color (subtly). Mix black and brown together to create a custom color for your skin tone. Play around with a few different colors and see what’s right for you. Get your friend’s opinions and take a few selfies to see how it looks.

3. Take your time. Give liner the attention it needs and go slow.  If you have to rush your liner, it’s best to skip the step altogether. Eyeliner is one thing that should be placed as perfect as possible.

If you’d like to forget these steps altogether, and wake-up to years of picture perfect eyeliner, book Ruth Swissa for your permanent eyeliner today! Ruth offers two popular options for permanent eyeliner: The first option is called an enhancement, which involves carefully placing a thin, natural-looking line along the lash line. Ruth achieves this look by making several small dots along the lashes. The effect is subtle, but effective.  The second option involves the skillful application of a permanent eyeliner tattoo and will appeal to anyone who is looking for more of a makeup look. Ruth achieves this look by adding another line on top of the enhancement. Wake up every day for years with perfectly precise eyeliner, and even better, ignore the first half of this post. 

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