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Caroline “Siiickbrain” Smith Skincare in Calabasas

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Model Caroline “Siiickbrain” Smith has been looking for skincare specialist and medical spa near Calabasas area for her skincare needs. She has also been looking for laser tattoo removal and found Ruth Swissa as the perfect match, a medical spa who offers both. Siiickbrain claims to “trust Ruth with for all her beauty needs”, as she constantly needs to look her best for photoshoots.

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Calabasas Hills, CA, US

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Start date: January 27, 2020


Caroline Siiickbrain Smith

Caroline Smith aka Siiickbrain's review of Ruth Swissa Skincare

Siiickbrain says Ruth Swissa has transformed her skin and has seen her transform other people's skin. "I only trust her, she has Amazing products -- Looking in the car mirror, I have never had better skin (not wearing any concealer or foundation right now), have never felt this confident leaving my house without any makeup. The products are unbelievable, I used to use 20 different skincare products, now just use Ruth Swissa's hydrating peptide cream and my skin has never looked better".