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Savage Fenty Model, Chinqpink, Gets her Skincare in Calabasas

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Savage Fenty model, Chinqpink, visits Ruth Swissa in Calabasas for her skincare needs. With a busy day-to-day, including constant travel and set times, she is under constant pressure to maintain a flawless appearance. In order to keep her skin glowing and blemish free, she visits Ruth Swissa medical spa for acne treatment and facials such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and oxygen treatment. Additionally, she gets all her at-home skincare products from Ruth, who devised a personalized skincare routine for her to use when she travels

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Palatino, CA, US

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Start date: May 02, 2020



I only trust Ruth Swissa with my skin!

Looking for skincare near me, it's hard finding someone who you can trust and who will really take the time to analyze your skin and treat it properly. Ruth Swissa is unique in that she really takes the time to personalize treatments and regimens for your specific skin type. Being a constantly traveling model, Chinqpink is often faced with the hardships of maintaining healthy skin with the constant heavy makeup on set and the harsh climate of an airplane. With help from Ruth Swissa, she is able to keep her skin healthy and glowing despite all the conditions.