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Introducing Nutrafol product to Ruth Swissa’s medical spa, we decided to acquaint readers with the enthusiasm surrounding Nutrafol and the spoils of nutraceuticals. Nutrafol is a hair-regenerating supplement, which also prides itself in being the world’s first clinically tested nutraceutical that addresses all four stages of the hair growth cycle — unlike competition brands like Rogaine and Propecia (both of which only address one cycle).

What is a Nutraceutical? Applying pharmaceutical standards in the use of botanical extracts. Nutrafol identifies specific phyto-actives within the botanical that have proven clinical efficacy for therapeutic results.

Nutrafol prides itself in promoting hair regrowth by enlisting powerful ingredients found in nature, such as Sensoril Ashwegandha (which lowers hair-damaging stress hormones. In face ashwegandha is the most effective herb for balancing hormones and reducing th effects of occasional stress).

What we found most enticing about Nutrafol is that it uses no chemicals or synthetics in production. Because Nutrafol fundaments its supplement on organic materials and plant-derivatives, consumers have noted that not only do they notices hair growth within several months, but have reported feeling more energy and less stressed, which is no surprise given Nutrafol’s makeup.

The health benefits of Nutrafol’s key ingredients have been confirmed by clinical trials and shown to strengthen and nourish thinning hair from within. With extensive evidence to support their claim, Nutrafol has climbed its way to the top of the supplement market.

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