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sun_protection6401Why use sunscreen? With summer upon us, everyone is excited to relax in the sun. However, it’s important to remember to take care of your skin as well as yourself this summer. Sun is one of the most harmful environmental agents on your skin, and here at Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup, many of our clients are concerned about the effects of sun exposure on their complexion. Skin cancer is a very serious effect of sun exposure, but it is not the only effect. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, changes in your skin’s texture, and freckling. Sun exposure can also harm the elasticity of your skin, as well as cause brown spots of discoloration commonly known as age spots.

Many of the common symptoms of aging are actually symptoms of sun exposure, and can be combated with sunscreen. During the summer, apply sunscreen of pure SPF 30 or above often, and remember to cover up! It is also beneficial to use antioxidant E and C serums to help prevent sun spots and similar skin damage.

How can you combat the symptoms of sun exposure?

basal-skin-cancerIf you come to the end of summer and notice that despite using sunscreen you still have sun exposure symptoms such as discoloration and wrinkles, there are solutions! Peels are a wonderful treatment for sun exposure symptoms, and are best applied during the winter months so there is less chance of further sun exposure while your skin is healing.

vi-peel-300x213Elizabeth, one of our resident Aestheticians, recommends the Vitality Institute’s VI Peel  for those who have sun exposure symptoms. The VI Peel is a wonderful treatment for discoloration, and has been a successful treatment even for those suffering from Melasma. The VI Peel provides dramatic results for those suffering from discoloration and age spots caused by sun exposure.

However, even in the winter months it is still important to wear sunscreen after undergoing a peel. Why use sunscreen after a peel that combats sun exposure symptoms? Peels are so effective not only because they rejuvenate your skin, but because they promote the growth of new skin for a youthful complexion. This new skin needs to be protected from the elements that caused discoloration. You don’t want to subject your youthful new complexion to the same UV light that caused the problem in the first place!

Why use sunscreen after permanent makeup procedures?

At Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup, we are often asked if a client’s beautiful new permanent makeup needs any extra protection. We recommend that you take the same care with your permanent makeup that you would with any part of your face. This includes the use of sunscreen! Good permanent makeup artists use natural organic inks to apply color to the skin. If constantly exposed to sunlight, these pigments can fade. Just like you want to protect your complexion from sun exposure, so too should you protect your permanent makeup!

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