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Ruth Swissa

Cedars Sinai Medical Tattoo

In tandem with Cedars-Sinai Health Associates (CHSA), Swissa works with Cedars Sinai’s patients on a physician referral basis. What distinguishes Swissa among other medical micropigmentation experts and permanent makeup artists is Swissa’s strong partnership with medical facilities and medical professionals. As an affiliate with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Group, Ruth Swissa is a stand out in the field for advanced knowledge and technique as a trusted medical tattoo expert helping burn victims and cancer patients from around the world.

This health-provider affiliation allows both fields to collaborate and syndicate a practice that enhances patient recovery, and ultimately, post-patient lifestyle. Working closely with physicians and plastic surgeons who specialize in breast cancer, trauma and burn victim reconstructive surgery, Swissa is Cedars Sinai’s appointed provider of scar camouflage, areola restoration (areola medical tattoo), and permanent burn concealment.

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Swissa carries out this process by depositing flesh-toned organic pigments into the epidermis of the skin. Her expert pigment pairing and ink deposit technique creates an illusion of even colored skin, a process that gives rise to more elaborate procedures such as areola pigmentation (a nipple replication that gives the impression of a three-dimensional structure without the need for invasive surgery).

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