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Lip lightening and lip neutralizing is a unique, gradual treatment offered at Ruth Swissa that works to both slightly lighten lips that are naturally dark and even out lip tone. This service is designed to neutralize or create an even tone that’s consistent across the top and bottom lip to improve bodily aesthetics by creating a consistent lip tone. Whether the top and bottom lip differ in shade, or if the lip entirely needs to be brightened, Ruth Swissa takes the time to gradually counterbalance dual lip tones and bring the lips to the desired shade. Known as the best medical tattoo expert specializing in lip lightening and lip neutralizing in Calabasas and Beverly Hills, Ruth is a national expert in giving lips a natural look with long-lasting results.


What Happens During the First Lip Neutralizing / Lip Lightening Session at Ruth Swissa?

Before the session begins, Ruth will talk to you about your beauty goals so she can better understand your needs and expectations. While the approach can vary from one person to the next based on their unique condition, most sessions begin very similarly. Typically during the first lip neutralizing / lip lightening session, Ruth will counteract cool undertones (i.e., blue, purple) with warm-based pigments to lift the darkness of the lips and arrive at a neutralized tone. Ruth Swissa chooses this technique because it yields the most natural and long-lasting results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Lip Lightening and Lip Neutralizing, and How Many Sessions Are Required?

Lip lightening and lip neutralizing is ideal for any patient who wants an even lip tone, and who doesn’t have any existing medical conditions that might conflict with the treatment. Dark lip micropigmentation is suitable for any patient looking to enhance and level out their lip tone and is a popular treatment for both men and women. Typically the treatment requires three or more sessions, but when you have your first consultation at Ruth Swissa, Ruth will examine your upper and lower lip tone, and will give you a customized approach based on your individual condition and goals.

What Does a Typical Recovery Time and Healing Process Look Like for Lip Lightening and Lip Neutralizing?

While this can vary from one patient to another based on their treatment and lip condition, the healing process usually can take up to seven days. No patient has reported pain during the recovery period. Most people experience some flaking, and their lips may have a temporary orange tone.

Why Is Ruth Swisssa the Most Sought-After Lip Lightening and Lip Neutralizing Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and All of California?

Having appeared on the hit TV show Botched more than a dozen times, and treating everyone from normal everyday people to celebrities, as well as people with medical conditions and those who survived fires and other traumatic accidents, all types of people seek Ruth Swissa for lip lightening and lip neutralization due to her sterling reputation, mastery of the arts and cosmetic  medical tattooing, and for her personalized touch extended to each and every patient.

Ruth has also worked with Cedars-Sinai and world-famous plastic surgeons to restore skin tone and lip neutralizing and lightening to a wide range of men and women of various races, ages, and backgrounds.

Does Lip Lightening and Lip Neutralizing Hurt?

Patients at Ruth Swissa who received lip lightening and lip neutralization have never reported any pain. Some patients will report mild discomfort or a slight pinching/scratching sensation, but Ruth Swissa uses a topical numbing cream for anesthetic to the area beforehand to increase patient comfort. Many of our patients come to us already feeling calm, relaxed, and even excited to get lip lightening and lip neutralizing, as many do their research and have read multiple blogs in which other patients reported no pain during or after these processes.

How Permanent Is Lip Lightening and Lip Neutralizing?

According to the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), permanent makeup procedures like lip lightening and lip neutralizing are difficult to remove, and these treatments are considered permanent, as the procedures involve using pigment to tattoo deep into the lip’s upper dermal layer. Over time, color fading can occur, and when you have your consultation with Ruth Swissa, she will be able to examine your lips and advise if additional lip lightening and lip neutralizing could be required down the road to keep the tone fresh and consistent. If you spend a lot of time in the sun and don’t wear a lip balm with sunblock, then you may increase the likelihood that you will need additional treatments over time.

Lip Lightening and Lip Neutralizing for Patients with Lip Hyperpigmentation

Ruth Swissa is a leading expert in lip lightening and lip neutralizing in patients with hyperpigmentation, and lip lightening and lip neutralizing can be the ideal approach to treat many people with this condition. According to a 2019 research paper published by Pharmaceutical Sciences & Analytical Research Journal titled “Skin Lightening and Management of Hyperpigmentation,” lip hyperpigmentation can be successfully treated with medical tattooing techniques designed to even top and bottom lip tone, and is a common procedure people invest in who are getting multiple treatment types to restore beauty and balance to the overall facial region.

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If you have been living with uneven lip tone, now is the time to let your outer beauty reflect your inner beauty. Ruth Swissa is a leading lip neutralizing and lip lightening specialist in Beverly Hills and Calabasas who has performed thousands of these procedures to a broad range of patients. To learn if you are an ideal candidate for lip lightening and lip neutralizing, call Ruth Swiss today and our expert and caring team will book you a consultation with the world-famous Ruth Swissa, and help you begin the latest journey in your life towards living the best version of your true self.

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