24K Gold Facial Mask


Pure 24 karat gold imparts a radiant, luminous luster while sealing nutrients into the skin. This sealant is fortified with the production of collagen — inhibiting the breakdown of precious skin elastin. This is made possible by the levels of colloidal gold found within the 24K gold facial mask.

Colloids are particles that do not settle and cannot be separated from the fluid they are suspended in. This is due to their small size, making these particles unwilling to separate via ordinary filtering or centrifuging. These extremely small particles do not settle effectively, and for this reason, are very important agents of transport.

In the case of colloidal gold found within the 24K gold facial treatment, gold colloids are highly effective in transferring nutrients to a given region, in this case, skin cells. When gold nanoparticles penetrate cell membranes, they at once stimulate the circulation of blood, which is central to all anti-aging treatments. The flow of newly oxygenated blood restores and restructures damaged cells, delivering oxygenated blood to the region of interest at a higher rate. In doing so, increased blood flow will reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles.

While cellular regeneration is occurring beneath the epidermis, 24K gold nanoparticles also bear an additional aesthetic feature to the skin. Gold nanoparticles seep into the pores, leaving behind their flaxen residue. Naturally, the pore will have a tendency to expel any detected blockage, ultimately ejecting the gold flax. This gradual explosion will last around 2 weeks, meaning, the skin will have a firm, glowing, and golden tone for up to 14 days following the treatment.

24K gold nanoparticles stimulate vital energy within the body, balancing electrical properties beneath the epidermis. In doing so, the skin will appear firmer and glowing for an overall dewy, radiant, and golden glow.

This skin treatment is ideal for dry skin types

✓ Prevents cellular aging

✓ Reduces fine-lines and wrinkles

✓ Glowing, golden-tone complexion (up to 14 days)

✓ Au’s metallic feature stimulates the skin’s electrical properties

✓ Stimulating blood circulation and increases cell activity

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