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Acneic Skin

Acne is a common skin condition which results in pimples, cysts and nodules. Though acne is commonly found among adolescents, adults can also suffer from acne as well.

Acne is caused by a blockage in a hair follicle. The clogged follicle enlarges and fills with sebum (oil) and forms a bump. These bumps can then become colonized with bacteria which incites inflammation. Acne most often occurs in areas with high concentrations of hair follicles and oil glands, such as the face, chest and back. While acne tends to gradually improve, it may cause scarring if not addressed properly. Acne may also be aggravated by hormonal factors and certain cosmetics.

Ruth Swissa Skincare Approach

At Ruth Swissa™, we devise a skin care program that is right for you. Every patient has a unique skin composition, propensity, and reactivity — when taking this into consideration, the key to effective acne removal is a customized treatment that pinpoints the condition. These treatments may include of facials, peels, and products that will most effectively address the skin’s condition.

Our skincare professionals help determine the cause acneic conditions and prescribe the best regimen for your condition. With patience and diligence, ideal outcomes are almost always guaranteed within three months of the skin care program. That being said, outcomes rely heavily on compliance with at-home skincare regimen set up with Ruth Swissa skincare professionals — patients must do their “homework”.

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