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Are you looking for experts of a permanent makeup microblading in Beverly Hills, CA? Then reach out to the well-known aestheticism, Ruth Swissa! The thought of a permanent makeover can seem daunting. But in reality, such a safe and approved medical procedure can save you the time, trouble and hassle of putting on makeup everyday. In fact, microblading actually saves you from having to go through the painful experience of getting your eyebrows done. What makes Ruth Swissa the best option is not only that we are pocket-friendly, but also that we are understanding and empathetic towards our customers. We all deal with physical insecurities. But what if the things we don’t like about ourselves could be changed into something we absolutely love? At Ruth Swissa, our goal is to make everyone fall in love with themselves all over again – and that takes a simple medical procedure of microblading only.

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Ruth Swissa is a certified and approved professional permanent makeup artist and skin care specialist, offering several permanent makeup and cosmetic improvement services of Microblading in Beverly Hills, CA. All the staff members involved in the microblading procedure with Ruth Swissa are also licensed medical professionals who dedicate themselves to ensuring that you feel beautiful and flawless in your own skin. Our safe medical procedure is pain-free and promises the perfect look on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for permanent makeup microblading for aesthetics or wish to cover up a surgical/ accidental scar on your skin, at Ruth Swissa, you will find cosmetic treatments for all your needs.

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Ruth Swissa tends to the process of microblading with care and caution. With skillful precision, the professional permanent makeup artist and skin care specialist helps you achieve the perfect, spotless and natural-looking skin that you desire. In addition, the many years of practicing experience backed up with the unique artistic touch, Ruth Swissa understands your aesthetic vision and gives you the look you have always dreamt of.


Whether you are looking for permanent eyebrows to avoid the painful plucking, threading or waxing experience, or wish to overcome your insecurity because of discolored patches on your skin through a corrective permanent makeup treatment, Ruth Swissa achieves the look you have in mind. Of course, this permanent makeup procedure does not happen overnight. Depending on your requirements, you will have to book appointments till your vision of beauty has been transformed into a daily, living reality.


At Ruth Swissa, we use non-abrasive correction methods to give your desired results with minimum pain. We prefer using a manual handheld applicator instead of a tattooing machine, not only to minimize the pain, but also to achieve intricate results. The manually handled pen allows us to get into the details of every spot, enabling us to achieve desired results.

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Considering microblading? Then you’re probably dreading the experience, fearing all sorts of things that can go wrong. If you have any reservations or doubts, just reach out to the microblading experts of Beverly Hills, CA at Ruth Swissa and make this process feel seamless.

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With non-abrasive cosmetic corrections and treatments, Ruth Swissa in Los Angeles is the perfect spot to have all your beauty-related requirements fulfilled. Let the professionals at Ruth Swissa carefully listen to your vision to give this vision a tangible reality.

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At Ruth Swissa, we take pride in being one of the most experienced and qualified, certified cosmetic improvement service. We offer affordable pricing to expand our cosmetic services to as many people as possible. Our goal is to spread positivity wherever we can.

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When you feel like you could simply feel more comfortable in your skin when a discolored patch or the mark of a wound is permanently removed, then reach out to the microblading and permanent makeup experts in Beverly Hills. Ruth Swissa not only gives you the dreamt-of aesthetic beauty, but here, we also ensure you overcome your insecurities. We use non-abrasive methods of cosmetic treatments and corrective skincare to ensure that your experience is smooth and seamless.

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When it comes to selecting the best microblading experts in Beverly Hills, only trust the registered and licensed professionals at Ruth Swissa.

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From general skin services to more detail-oriented cosmetic treatments such as permanent eye liner or eyebrow, we offer painless microblading to all branches of beautification.

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You may end up being overcharged by many microblading services near Los Angeles. But at Ruth Swissa, we believe in quality over quantity – this is why our prices are highly competitive and affordable.

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