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There are a lot many medical astheticians operating in Glendale, California. However, the more the options – the difficult it becomes to choose the best. Microblading permanent makeup has to be undertaken in the best circumstances with the best equipment and practices. While many of these experts offer microblading in Glendale, CA – no one compares with Ruth Swissa in terms of skills, precision and of course, rates.

Here at Ruth Swissa, we understand that cosmetic procedures such as microblading should not come at the expense of draining your wallet. Our rates are probably the best in the area, if not the entire country. Our prime focus is on quality, hence our experts conduct the entire process with great care and caution. The goal here is to give the client exactly what they asked for and not suggesting hefty and unnecessary procedures just to cash in. We provide a dedicated and detailed procedure and plan based on affordability of our clients.

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Looking for a microblading expert in Glendale, CA could have been tricky had you not done your research correctly. If you’re in search for someone who’s professional, affordable and dedicated – look no further than Ruth Swissa. As a third generation medical aesthetician, she understands what is needed and necessary to give her clients the best results. Microblading requires great skill and precision, undertaken only be a professional with a unique, artistic touch. Ruth Swissa offers competitive rates for cosmetic procedures that include, but are not limited to; corrective treatments and cosmetic improvement services right here in Glendale, CA.

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Ruth Swissa offers a painless experience with her microblading techniques to ensure the best results and client satisfaction. Contrary to previous methods, at our clinic, we use hand-held precision applicators instead of tattoo machines. Hence, the procedure is absolutely non-abrasive. Our team of experts will give you the safest, most comfortable and painless procedure unlike any other.


Microblading permanent makeup is a huge commitment and we would not want you to regret making the decision to boost your self-confidence. Finding the right expert for the job can be tricky because there’s understandably a huge check-list you need to follow through on. At Ruth Swissa, this process is undertaken in the most professional circumstances ensuring the best results.


Microblading has been going on for many years now. However, there are two procedures undertaken for the same results; microblading and hand application. At Ruth Swissa, we prefer the former for the simple fact that it ensures seamless and smooth application with minimal pain. It gently grazes the skin rather than puncturing it like a tattoo machine.

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Top Rated Microblading Company in Glendale

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If you’ve never had micro-balding done before, just the thought of it could be scary. It’s a permanent procedure after all. Not to worry, it’s a procedure undertaken to boost your self-esteem and the team at Ruth Swissa will give you the best value for your money.

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Scars, pigmentation and general dullness is what most people come in complaining of at Ruth Swissa. Needless to say, all of them walk out the door happier than ever before once their procedures are over. That’s just the beauty of it! It’s a cosmetic procedure to take away all of your insecurities and doubts and replace them with nothing but gleam.

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With over twenty years behind her, Ruth Swissa holds up her name high when it comes to microblading in Glendale, CA. If you’re still on edge about getting the procedure or not, just drop on by for a quick consultation and get your doubts out once and for all.

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Microblading is a permanent solution to a long standing problem. Understandable enough, most people are wary of undergoing such a procedure. It doesn’t have to be one faced with doubts especially if you have an expert and her team of dedicated professionals to back you up. We’re talking about Ruth Swissa! If you feel like you’re ready for something effective and long lasting – schedule your appointment with Ruth Swissa, today. This is a dedicated process taking a number of appointments to complete.

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The best microblading service can be found at Glendale, CA right at Ruth Swissa’s clinic. She is a certified professional and gives the most competitive rates in the market with the absolute best results!

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Ruth Swissa offers a range of cosmetic procedures and to meet all of her clients needs and wants. Anywhere from hair pigmentation services to camouflage services, Ruth Swissa has it all under one roof!

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We give only the best services at the most pocket-friendly rates. Ruth Swissa offers competitive rates and desirable results. Microblading permanent makeup is a solution of many given at Ruth Swissa for the perfect, gleaming and flawless look.

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