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Finding an affordable professional permanent makeup artist, skin care specialist and microblading expert in Los Angeles, CA is next to impossible. And if this is your first time considering microblading permanent makeup treatment, then you must be in search of microblading in Los Angeles, CA that is budget-friendly. Well, to get the best cosmetic treatments within a budget, get in touch with the professionals at Ruth Swissa. We offer a vast array of permanent makeup services including microblading, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, full lip, scar camouflage, areola pigmentation, hair micropigmentation, skin services and more at highly competitive prices.
Our goal is to make sure that all those who wish to evolve in their own skins and become the best versions of themselves can easily afford our life-changing services. Other than simple beautification, we cater to those who wish to overcome their insecurities because of a post-surgery scar or a natural mar.Whether you’re looking for cosmetic changes or wish to get corrective treatment, simply contact Ruth Swissa for an affordable transformation.

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Are you looking for the best microblading specialists in Los Angeles, CA? You don’t have to look elsewhere – just get in touch with Ruth Swissa. Ruth Swissa is a highly-functional, affordable and advanced professional permanent makeup artist and skin care specialist treatment center, offering corrective treatments and cosmetic improvement services in the Los Angeles county area. Using non-abrasive, handheld applicators for microblading, the expert medical staff at Ruth Swissa ensures that your physical transformation is a painless experience for you. In addition, our microblading procures natural results, giving you the kind of everyday look you desire for a flawless appearance.

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Our microblading process is painless. We use hand-handled applicators instead of tattoo machines to ensure that the process is non-abrasive. In addition, our team of medical assistants is also licensed and experienced, which enables them to create the perfect, out-of-a-movie look without causing you discomfort.


A lot of beautification methods are extremely painful – if not, then they’re uncomfortable. For example, waxing your eyebrows or using lip plumpers to achieve fuller lips can be quite painful. On the other hand, applying eyeliner or wearing heavy foundation to cover up discolored patches or scars is an extremely uncomfortable experience. At Ruth Swissa, we offer microblading and other skin services so that you can avoid such daily, painful and uncomfortable instances.


We use hand-handled, non-abrasive methods of cosmetic treatment and corrective procedures to ensure that your process of achieving the perfect look is seamless. Our applicator is designed in such a manner that it is gently tapped on your skin instead of grazing it with a tattoo machine. This gives you your desired look with minimal discomfort along with creating the perfect look as the applicator gives attention to detail.

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Top Rated Microblading Company in Los Angeles

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Are you thinking of getting microblading? Even the thought of microblading can be a scary thing for you – especially if you have never gotten it done on yourself before. Well, if you have any doubts or questions regarding this, just reach out to the microblading experts of Los Angeles, CA at Ruth Swissa and learn everything you want to about this procedure.

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Cosmetic microblading gives you the perfect, on-fleek brows or the beautiful, full and plump lips that you long for. Simply contact Ruth Swissa to have all your needs fulfilled. The professionals at Ruth Swissa are experts of their job, and after a thorough inspection and interactive session, they begin the careful and precise process of microblading.

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We at Ruth Swissa believe in delivering quality. Our professionals are experienced and trained in dealing with cosmetic and corrective medical procedures, which enables us to give you guaranteed results. Our goal is to make sure that you feel beautiful and happy in your own skin when you leave our door.

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The best way to overcome your fears or insecurities is to confront them – only then can they permanently be eliminated from your skin. At Ruth Swissa, we listen to you to understand your vision and your dream-look, to learn more about your aesthetic vision. Once we know exactly what you want, we begin our microblading permanent makeup Los Angeles, CA to deliver guaranteed and desired results.

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Ruth Swissa has been rated as the best microblading service in Los Angeles, CA. Hiring only licensed professionals and using safe and pain-free medical procedures, we deliver corrective and cosmetic treatments to give you a natural glow.

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From hair pigmentation services to give your hair a full and heavy look to scar camouflage services to give you flawless and beautiful skin, we offer all sorts of microblading services to give you the perfect, superstar-beauty.

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Feasible and cost-effective, our services are priced for the quality we deliver and remain affordable for our customers. We wish to spread goodness and positivity around the world and our effective cosmetic solutions help up do that!

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