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If you have finally decided to switch to microblading and permanent makeup for your beautiful features, the next thing you have to find is a reliable company whose services you can afford and will still be able to give you the desired results you expect. At Ruth Swissa, our best-priced services are easily accessible to anyone in Santa Monica. We are known for offering premium microblading services at a rate that will not empty your pockets. It is our dedication to bring you the best value for your money by providing microblading services in California that will help make you be more confident and more beautiful. Now that you have found a trustworthy microblading expert near Santa Monica, then the next thing to do is very easy. Call us today so we can talk about starting your journey to a more natural-looking beauty that will stay put even when you break a sweat or get caught in the rain.

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When you finally decide to get a permanent makeup procedure, you need someone who knows how to handle your delicate body with care. After all, the reason you are getting procedures like this is to enhance a part of your body and not ruin them. Our team at Ruth Swissa has undergone extensive medical training to make sure that all the hygiene and standard medical steps are undertaken with your safety as our top priority. If you live in Santa Monica, California, trust and rely that Ruth Swissa will be your partner in achieving an au naturel look that will surely turn heads.

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They say that sometimes, all you need is a good shade of lipstick that will complement your skin tone and you are good to go. Ruth Swissa provides full lips microblading wherein you can make sure that your lips are always luscious and full. We can also outline your lips for a more defined shape and color it with a natural-looking shade that would further accentuate your beautiful smile.


Eyebrows can be hard to draw on especially if you are a beginner. Put too much and you will look like a clown; put too little and it won’t do too much help in making your eyes pop. At Ruth Swissa, you don’t have to worry about uneven eyebrows because our permanent makeup artists can help you achieve that perfect arch.


Demand more attention to your eyes by getting a permanent eyeliner procedure at Ruth Swissa. Not only will it make your eyelashes thicker without the use of mascara, but it will also make your eyes pop and ready for a killer look even when you just got out of bed.

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Top Rated Microblading Company in Santa Monica, CA

Scar Camouflage Near 90402

With the medical micropigmentation process, scars, discolorations, and burns can be easily camouflaged by our certified medical micropigmentation experts by creating a perfect color blend for your skin tone.

Permanent Lip Blush 90403

Ride with the trend and achieve that lip tint look through our permanent lip blush service. Lip blush is a procedure wherein you can achieve natural-looking luscious lips that are appealing to the eye.

Corrective Permanent Makeup 90404

With permanent makeup and microblading, it is always advisable to start with a lighter color and then build up the color. This is because it is easier to add color than to take away. At Ruth Swissa you will get proper advice that will each of your visit worth your while.

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Dubbed as the number natural permanent makeup company in Los Angeles, it is our duty at Ruth Swissa to make our high-quality service accessible for the entire LA area. That is why we have easy appointment booking systems and accommodating staff members willing to guide you through our different microblading services.

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With the tools, experience, and expertise of our team at Ruth Swissa, we simply stand out among other permanent makeup providers in the entire state of California.

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If you live near Santa Monica, then Ruth Swissa can be easily of service for you when it comes to microblading services that, guaranteed, will last long.

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Los Angeles is home to a lot of high-quality products and services, but when it comes to microblading and medical micropigmentation, Ruth Swissa is the only company you should trust.

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