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ou might think that permanent makeup solutions will empty your pocket, but compared to buying makeup periodically, it is a lot cheaper considering you don’t have to reapply it because it doesn’t get smudged and it won’t get smeared on your teeth as normal makeup does. Ruth Swissa offers microblading services that can be easily accessed because it is affordable and appointment booking is just a call away. We offer pocket-friendly non-abrasive procedures so you won’t have to worry if you will be able to handle the pain or not. We are highly dedicated to helping you feel beautiful by giving your best features the boost it deserves. With reputation because of our continuous pursuit of providing high-quality results for our numerous clients in Sherman Oaks, California, you can be assured that you can also trust our Ruth Swissa team in helping you achieve the look you want to go for.

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Our expertise is helping you feel the most beautiful, and if you live in Sherman Oaks, we are just a call away to helping you achieve your beauty goals. Aside from microblading services, we also offer corrective care treatments, still in the pursuit of helping you achieve the best look you want to go for. Our procedures are seamless and smooth and with our friendly staff assisting you throughout the process before you know it, you’ll be ready to share your new look to the world. Check out some of Ruth Swissa’s services that can be easily booked for an appointment in Sherman Oaks.

Top Rated Microblading Company in Sherman Oaks, CA


Get defined, prominent eyebrows that will accentuate your eyes by getting permanent eyebrows. Our certified professionals are experts in microblading natural-looking eyebrows that will allow you to go out looking fresh even without wearing makeup. Sleek eyebrows that are “on fleek” are very achievable with the help of our team at Ruth Swissa.


Working closely with plastic surgeons in the industry, we also offer permanent makeup correction aside from microblading. If you made the mistake of entrusting your delicate face with people who do not have enough certification and experience, Ruth Swissa can still help you turn the tables around with our different corrective permanent makeup services.


The color-blending techniques and skills of our micropigmentation experts can help you achieve natural-looking luscious lips that do not need re-application. This time, make the better choice and go for someone who will make you trust in microblading services again. Call Ruth Swissa and ask for advice on what the best approach for your situation will be.

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Top Rated Microblading Company in Sherman Oaks, CA

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Ruth Swissa offers residents of Sherman Oaks as permanent alternative to applying makeup products. From your brows, lashes, lips, to a full face permanent makeup that’s natural-looking.

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Do you have a scar or skin discoloration that affects your confidence? With the advancement of technology in the cosmetic industry, Ruth Swissa can help you conceal them so you can feel beautiful and confident again.

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Ruth Swissa is a proud member of different associations of cosmetic professionals to assure you that the quality of our services is something that meets industry standards.

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If you live in Los Angeles, microblading services such as permanent eyebrows and eyelashes and full lips among others are just within reach because you have Ruth Swissa to provide you with high-quality services to anyone who is looking to increase confidence by enhancing your features. Ruth Swissa is just a phone call away so book an appointment today.

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Ruth Swissa is a trustworthy microblading company you can easily consult within California. All you have to do is get in touch with our certified professionals through a phone call

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Sherman Oaks is home to Ruth Swissa, a microblading company dedicated to giving you the most natural-looking permanent makeup that will enhance and define your best features

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If you live near Los Angeles, then getting premium permanent makeup at an affordable price is very easy since you have Ruth Swissa always ready to serve you.

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