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West Hollywood, CA may have many microblading services, but finding one that is affordable and doesn’t drain your bank of its bucks is next to impossible. At Ruth Swissa, we understand this very well. This is why, we offer our microblading permanent makeup services at market competitive rates. We believe in delivering quality, which is why, our experts conduct the whole process of microblading with care and caution. We only commence this process after a careful examination and assessment of your needs. Whether it is cosmetic treatment or a corrective care procedure, our dedicated and diligent professionals ensure that you receive the utmost care throughout this painless procedure. Our goal is to capture your exact vision to give you the kind of results you wish for. At Ruth Swissa, we give you a chance to eliminate your insecurities by confronting your imperfections; we give you a chance to change the things you don’t like about yourselves so that you can love yourself more.

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Microblading requires the skill of a practiced professional and the unique, artistic touch of an aesthetician. As she masters both, Ruth Swissa has gained a reputation as a highly sought after microblading specialist in West Hollywood, CA. Offering solutions such as microblading permanent makeup, hair pigmentation, skincare services, full lips and etc. Ruth Swissa enables you to achieve the kind of natural beauty that you always desired. Apart from aesthetics, Ruth Swissa also deals in corrective care treatments, encompassing basic procedures such as skin pigmentation removal to more advanced ones such as areola pigmentation for those who are recovering from breast cancer as this process allows us to offer painless substitutes to nipple reconstruction.

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Microblading is a unique technique of permanent makeup, which allows professionals to get into the nitty-gritties of the targeted area in order to create the perfectly sculpted look. This technique is implemented upon using a handheld applicator, which makes this process not only detail-oriented but also gentle and painless.


Finding the perfect microblading permanent makeup solution in West Hollywood maybe a bit difficult. However, with Ruth Swissa, this process seems as seamless and smooth as ever. In fact, here you will find services such as permanent eyebrows and eyeliner look that will save you the daily time wastage and hassle on applying makeup as you will have the perfect, natural look.


Many people are scared of thinking about microblading because they assume it will be a painful experience. However, they continue to endure more pain because of eyebrow plucking. Microblading is a gentle and discomfort-free alternative to the painful process of getting your eyebrows done because it uses a handheld applicator and presses on the target area to create the perfect, aesthetic look. This process is completely non-abrasive.

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Top Rated Microblading Company In West Hollywood

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For the first time when you heard of “microblading”, you may have been struck by the idea! It can seem terrifying to have a permanent makeup and the process itself feels as if it must be super painful. However, Ruth Swissa’s microblading service in West Hollywood, CA is one of the few in the whole county that uses non-abrasive application methods, making microblading a painless experience for you.

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Do you have a scar that you feel insecure of? Or do you have a discolored skin with patches that annoy you? We at Ruth Swissa offer cosmetic as well as corrective microblading permanent makeup in West Hollywood, CA to ensure that you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. With minimal changes, we guarantee natural-looking results.

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With over two decades of professional experience, Ruth Swissa has been rated as the best microblading service in West Hollywood, CA. Under the supervision of the highly sought-after professional permanent makeup artist and skin care specialist, Ruth Swissa herself, the process of microblading is carefully executed for guaranteed result.

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Deciding on a permanent solution such as microblading can be a difficult task. However, taking such adecision at the right time can save you from a lot of hassle and unnecessary expenditure (such as that onbeauty products) in the long run. If you feel that you’re ready for something as effective yet lasting aspermanent microblading, then get in touch with Ruth Swissa nearby Los Angeles County. We offer awide extension of beautification services including full lips, permanent eyebrows and eye liner, hairpigmentation and etc. In addition, we also offer corrective care treatments such as substitutes for nipplerebuilding (for breast cancer patients in recovery), scar camouflage, corrective permanent makeup andetc.

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Are you looking for the best microblading companies in California? Then look no further – just contact the professionals at Ruth Swissa!

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At Ruth Swissa, we make microblading a painless and comfortable experience for you so that you can achieve your dreamt-of look without any pain or agitation. We use non-invasive tools to execute the microblading process, achieving a perfect daily look in result.

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Ruth Swissa aims to give access of its amazing, cosmetic and corrective care treatments to as many people as possible. This is why, our prices are extremely market competitive. We charge for the value we provide – nothing more, nothing less.

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