Lips Aftercare


Aftercare Instructions. Please Follow Instructions Carefully

First 24 Hours:

* Use Bacitracin for the next 24 hours 8 times (keep them very moist at all times w/ ointment)
* If you have swelling or extreme irritation please discontinue use and switch to A&D ointment provided.
* Do NOT use soap on pigmented area for next 6 days

Next Five Days:

* Apply A&D ointment 8 times per day for next 5 days
* Do NOT use soap on pigmented area for the next 5 days
* Keep makeup away from the pigmented area

  • For Lip procedures, DO NOT wear lipstick

* Do not pick, rub, or scratch the treated area
* Avoid sun – Sun can often fade permanent makeup
* When bathing or showering, apply a thin coating of A&D ointment to the area
* After the first week with A&D ointment, you may use sunscreen.

  • Make sure to continue the use of A&D for 2 weeks. If not, lips will become very chapped and may take longer to heal.

* Sloughing of the treated area is common – PLEASE DO NOT PICK
* Wash the area with WATER only twice daily
* Pillowcase – use an old or dark colored pillowcase as color may come off
* Drink with straw

Do Not Panic List

* Pigment will look very dark after procedure. Do not worry this is normal – color will FADE and SOFTEN 40% in 6 days

* Swelling of the area will subside in 24-48 hours. We recommend Arnica

* You may experience redness, tenderness and an itchy feeling

* If area swells and appears to blister, you may have an allergy to Bacitracin, discontinue use of antibiotic ointment and begin using A&D Ointment instead.

* Remember: your touch-up procedure is only complimentary if done within 4-6 weeks following the initial procedure.

* If you desire a re-touch after your touch-up timeframe, this can be done for an additional charge.

Remember, permanent makeup for lips, eyebrows and eyeliner is a two step procedure. Final Results cannot be determined until touch up applications are completed.