Pre-Care Instructions



Preparation for Upcoming Treatment. Please Follow Instructions Carefully.

7 Days Prior to Treatment:

* Avoid fish oil, Vitamin E, Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, NSAIDS or any other blood thinner unless prescribed by your doctor.

24 Hours Prior to Treatment:

* Do not consume alcohol.
(Alcohol functions as a vasodilator, making the patient more prone to bleeding during the treatment. Bleeding expels the ink and makes it harder for the skin to hold the pigment)

* For all procedures we recommend taking Arnica (e.g., Boiron®). Arnica is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising and anti-swelling medicine that helps sidestep these indications following the procedure.

* Arnica may be found at our medical spa or at any health food store. Please get the 12x strength and take it the day before, day of, and days following procedure.


If you have ever had a cold sore in your life, you must get a prescription for Valtrex prior to the procedure as to avoid a breakout. As any procedure involving sharps, repeated contact with the region tends to induce herpes labialis flare ups.

– 12 hours before appointment, take 1000mg.
– On the day of the appointment, take 500mg in AM and 500mg in PM.
– Take 500mg/day for 5 days following the procedures (9 pills total)

MUST refill and do the same for your touch-up appointment. If you are unable to get Valtrex from your doctor we recommend L-lysine which is a natural medicine you can find at the health food store. We advise taking arnica the day before to help with bruising or swelling.


* Please bring or wear an old bra with you to your appointment. Ruth will cut holes in bra and you will wear this for six days post procedure to allow for the areola’s oxygenation.


* Stop the use of Latisse® 7 days prior to eyeliner procedure.


* No Retin-A or Retinol on the treated area for 7 days prior to the procedure.