Temporary Areola Tattoo


The press-on areola kit comes in 4 different sizes (XS, S, M, L) and 6 different colors based on the Fitzpatrick scale (Very Fair, Fair, Medium, Olive, Brown, Black).

areola tattoo temporary | areola tattoo for breast cancer

Temporary Areola Tattoo® is Ruth Swissa’s latest development designed for the breast cancer community. Despite its simple application, this temporary areola persuades even the experts — leaving many in disbelief. For this reason, our product is highly recommended by plastic surgeons and oncologists around the nation. What adds to the charm of this persuasive little device is its portability. A product that any consumer could throw in their purse and apply on-the-go. Its mobility also allows our contribution and mass donation — for every 3d areola bought, a temporary areola tattoo kit is donated.

For many, this accessory acts as the final step of post-breast cancer lifestyle. For others, it functions as preparation for Ruth Swissa’s areola pigmentation procedure. This procedure is fundamentally the same conceptually as the Temporary Areola Tattoo, but instead it is permanent through medical micropigmentation. To learn more about medical micropigmentation and areola permanent makeup, click here.

Swissa has plentiful testimonials about the areola tattoo and media coverage, both on the medical and aesthetic forefront. Visit our media and testimonial page to learn more.

temporary areola pigmentation tattoo

“For every Temporary Areola Tattoo purchased we donate a kit.”

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