Beware of Bad Permanent Makeup Out There

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Ruth Swissa is spreading awareness on bad permanent makeup jobs and is sharing her advise on how to best avoid it. Most of Ruth’s patients are those who seek permanent makeup fixing. Ruth is so exposed to these permanent makeup mishaps, she feels obligated to share her knowledge on how to avoid these horrific procedures many aestheticians are offering to oblivious costumers. In this hard-hitting economy, it is our instinct to lean towards the cheapest option, but when it comes to matters involving your outward aesthetic, cheapest isn’t always better.

  • Ask for Before and After Pictures
    Ruth’s first suggestion is to look at before and after pictures. It is crucial to see how your aesthetician performs. Anyone who is willing tattoo your face should be willing to show their previous work with pride. Be sure to ask many questions, not only for your own knowledge, but in order for you to see if your permanent makeup practitioner has a good knowledge of what they will be performing on your face. When looking at before and after pictures, it would also be a good idea to evaluate its legitimacy. There have been many occurrences when before and after pictures have been derived from other aestheticians.
  • Read Reviews
    Nowadays, the internet has made reading reviews oh-so easy. Simple websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews are actually quite reliable. They truly give you the gist of whether a place is good or bad overall.
  • Check for cleanliness
    Make sure that the place you are getting your permanent makeup done is clean. Look for certificates that are up-to-date and make sure your aesthetician is using antibacterial sanitation. Permanent makeup is indeed a real, invasive procedure, so it should be held on the same level of intensity as cosmetic surgery. You can get serious infections not just from un-sanitized needles but from ink as well. Ruth Swissa uses all organic ink derived from fruit and vegetables – if you have severe allergies make sure that wherever you choose to get your procedure does some sort of sample patch-testing to verify that your body reacts well with the ink. It never hurts to be proactive.
  • Don’t go too bold
    At Ruth Swissa’s medical spa, her motto is the more natural looking the better. Even if you wish to have a more dramatic look, it’s always safest to be conservative at first. Just see how the color suits you first, then you can always go back and add more. You can darken permanent makeup, but you can’t lighten. Always start with a lighter look and color.
  • If you’re not comfortable, leave
    It’s always best to go with your gut-feeling, your instinct. If you’re not feeling the vibe of the place, it’s best to just leave and find a more comfortable place. Ruth Swissa has numerous occurrences where she has had to fix bad permanent makeup jobs and she says that almost every time the patient claims that they initially didn’t feel comfortable in the place they were getting their procedure done. If your intuition has an opinion of a spa, your best bet is to find another place.
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