‘On The Go’ Gorgeous!: Permanent Lip Liner Tattooing

Looking for beautifully defined lips that last all day? Ruth Swissa’s signature lip blushing technique is right for you! Lip blushing—also known as cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, or permanent lip liner—is a medical aesthetics tattooing technique that softly deposits pigment right below the lips’ epidermal tissue, resulting in a delicate, naturally flushed effect. Lip blushing provides a permanent solution to enhance the shape, definition, and color of the lips. 

Ruth Swissa is a leading expert in the field of medical micropigmentation tattooing. She applies her extensive aesthetics training, classical artistic background, and nuanced understanding of skin pigmentation to complement and enhance her patients’ natural beauty. Swissa’s approach to lip blushing ensures not only lasting beauty but also convenience for those leading busy lifestyles.  It is a great option for those seeking lip color they can be confident will last no matter what the day might bring. 

Swissa’s signature technique is broken into two parts: lip lining and micropigmentation blushing. Lip lining defines the lips shape, while micropigmentation enhances the lips’ color. Lip Blushing is also a great accessible everyday makeup option for individuals with physical limitations that make applying liner or other makeup especially difficult.  Lip blushing eliminates the need for touching up lip liner after eating or drinking, providing fabulously natural lip color that is ready to set and forget. Elevate your makeup routine, for all of our ‘On The Go’ Gorgeous, Swissa Girls!

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